ISO 9001:2008

Ferritic Nitrocarburizing for Green Technology Components

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Superior Heat Treat LLC has developed a proprietary ferritic nitrocarburizing (FNC) process that exceeds the stringent ISO 9277, 300 hour salt spray test. This level of corrosion resistance is ideal for part applications where parts are subjected to difficult environments such as wind technology. This FNC process also creates excellent wear properties with surface hardnesses reaching 70 RC equivalent. Additionally, this process increases part lubricity. The relatively low temperature of this process promotes total dimensional stability and is generally accomplished on finished parts. Parts receiving Superior Heat Treat's FNC process come out with an attractive matte graphite finish.

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Ferritic Nitrocarburizing for Green Technology Components
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Project Specifications

Product Lines

  • Hydraulic Cylinders
  • Green Energy Production Components


  • Ferritic Nitrocarburizing (FNC)
  • Nitriding


  • Carburizing Grades
  • Alloy Steels
  • Tool Steels
  • Stainless Steels

Industries Served

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Energy
  • Military
  • Mining
  • Food Processing
  • Farm Equipment

Equipment List and Size Capabilities

  • 3 Nitriders (Max Size at 30" x 30" x 46")

Industry Standards/Certifications

  • ISO 9001:2008 Registered
  • AMS 2753B, AMS 2757B
  • ISO 9277 

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