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Commercial Heat Treatment of Plates

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Superior Heat Treat LLC can process your difficult wear plates, pallet plates and rails, backing plates, leaf springs, flat gears and other jobs that are prone to warping and dishing. Plates, rings and jobs that are thin relative to their length and width provide challenges for heat treaters. Deep slots, pockets and keyways further compound the problem. Superior Heat Treat can handle these jobs by employing sophisticated racking and quenching cycles to minimize distortion followed by hot straightening and/or heat set straightening to meet your flatness requirements. These processes minimize "twist" and result in uniform hardness without the soft spots and potential torch cracks created from conventional straightening methods. In addition, these straightening approaches are very cost effective vis-à-vis traditional methods.

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Commercial Heat Treatment of Plates
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Project Specifications

Product Lines
  • Wear Plates
  • Pallet Plates
  • Flat Gears
  • Leaf Springs


  • Carburize & Harden
  • Neutral Hardening
  • Quench & Temper
  • Salt Bath Hardening
  • Marquenching
  • Flame Hardening


  • Carburizing Grades (8620, 1018, CRS)
  • Alloy Steels (4130, 4140, 6150)
  • Tool Steels (A2, D2, S7, O1, O6, H13)
  • Stainless Steels (410, 416, 420, 440, 17-4, 15-5, 13-8, Vascomax)
  • Brass
  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Beryllium Copper 

Industries Served

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Military
  • Machine Tool
  • Mining
  • Food Processing
  • Farm Equipment

Equipment List and Size Capabilities

  • 6 Internal Quench Ipsen Furnaces (Max Size at 36" x 36" x 48")
  • 10 Tempering Furnaces (Max Size at 48" x 48" x 48")
  • 1 Salt Bath (Max Size at 21" diameter x 30")

Industry Standards/Certifications

  • ISO 9001:2008 Registered
  • MIL-H-6088
  • AMS 2759

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